Acusense Bullet Firmware update

Anybody that has recently installed one of the Acusense cameras will have realised that firstly, that the acusense cameras do not offer basic motion events but instead allow a more tailored Smart Event set-up which includes additional intrusion zones and in the case of the DS-2CD2T46G1- 4I/SL-2.8MM it has a flashing strobe and recorded audio which can trigger from the smart event. The smart events can be tweaked even further with the inclusion of Human Form detection and vehicle detection which helps eliminate false triggers.

This camera has proven to be pretty popular in recent weeks and the feature of the light and sound seems to be the reason why.

Now for the downside of the original firmware, and a likely reason for the update: Installers needed the light and sound to be on a schedule, which was fine but the schedule was connected to and configured via the Smart Event itself. The fact that there was no basic motion anymore meant that the installers either needed to have these cameras set to continuous record or only have recording for the times that the event schedule allowed.

Anybody that wanted light and sound during the night hours, but recording and Hik-connect notifications during the day will now be happy to know the new firmware allows for independent schedules for the event, for the flashing strobe and for the Audio output.

Optimize event of Acusense model:

1.When enabled Hik-Connect Alarm Notification, Acusense camera will push Intrusion alarm notification to HC by default. If you need receive Motion alarm, it requires enabling Motion detection on IPC web.

2.  Connect Acusense camera with NVR, it will push all of alarms of 7*24h.

3.  If you select Human, only human target will trigger alarm.If you select Vehicle, only vehicle target will trigger alarm.If the detection target is not selected, all the detected targets will be reported.If the Human and Vehicle are both selected, human and vehicle target will trigger alarm.

4. Intrusion detection is disabled by default. Limitation: Restore is required if you want to replace the concave quadrangle (detection area).


After setting up your intrusion box (or Line crossing) you will need to set a schedule for when it is active, see below:

To enable the Flashing Alarm and Strobe light you need to tick them in the Detection Method's Linkage Action. In the example below, I have enabled Flashing Alarm and Audible Warning which will be triggered by Intrustion Detection.


To modify the settings of the Audio and Light Alarms (Duration, Brightness, Schedule etc) you will need to navigate to Event > Basic Event > Flashing Alarm Light Output / Audible Alarm Output:

The firmware can be found on the Hikvision EU portal (click here)

And a guide on how to update firmware can be found here.