AJAX Alarms: The Hidden Secret!

AJAX Alarms: The Hidden Secret!

In today's blog we cover the tech teams latest discovery, the hidden secret with AJAX Alarm systems!

Strictly speaking, the AJAX Hub isn't powerable via PoE, however it can be with this handy adapation.

Utilising the low voltage source module and Noctis Pro's PoE 12V DC splitter, this effectively gives you the ability to power your AJAX Hub via PoE by converting the PoE power to 12V and splitting it out to a 12V DC connection alongside a standard ethernet connection.

This will also work if you have a Hub Plus or a Hub2 - you just need the relevant module.

To achieve this, here is what you will need:

Changing the PSU Module

NOTE: The 12V PSU for the Hub / Hub Plus / Hub2 should only be installed by qualified electricians.

Before replacing the power supply module, make sure you have disconnected the AJAX Hub from the mains, and left ample time for the capacitors to discharge.

When changing the PSU, follow all the requirements of the electrical safety acts and never disassemble whilst powered.

In the below example we use the AJAX Hub.

Step 1

Remove the rear cover, turn the Hub off and disconnect the ethernet and power cord. Leave ample time for the capacitors discharge. We reccommend waiting 5-10 minutes.

AJAX PoE Step 1

Step 2

Remove the four screws holding the rear cover on to expose the PCB

AJAX PoE Step 2

Step 3

Remove the eleven screws holding the PCBs in place. Carefully remove the PCBs together, make sure you don't break the connector holding the two boards together.

AJAX PoE Step 3

NOTE: The screws holding the PCBs in place are a different size to those holding the casing on. Make sure you use the right ones when putting it back togeher.

AJAX PoE Screw sizes

Step 4

Carefully disconnect the PSU from the mainboard and connect the 12V PSU to the mainboard using the eight-pin connector between them. Be extra careful not to bend the antennas or snag the battery cables.

AJAX PoE Step 4AJAX PoE Step 4b

Step 5

Place the PCBs back inside the housing, when installed correctly they will sit level. Secure in place with the screws you removed earlier.

Reassemble the casing around the board and tighten the four remaining screws.

Make sure you replace the sticker (inside the replacement PSU box) detailing input voltage to avoid incorrect power being used in the future.

AJAX PoE Step 5

Step 6

Connect one end of your ethernet cable to a PoE Switch, the other into the Noctis Pro PoE 12V splitter, connect the ethernet connection and 12V DC to the AJAX Hub.

AJAX PoE Finished

Step 7

Power on the hub and replace the back cover and your all done.

This can really help neaten up the installation, especially if you want to hide the hub away and don't have access to a mains power socket.