Antiference Conexer Twin HDMI Modulator - Overview

What is a modulator?

A coax modulator allows you to convert a video source into a particular frequency signal, this video source is then combined with the incoming RF signal and distributed via coaxial cable.  In the case of an HD modulator, the video input will be HDMI - this means almost any HD video source (e.g CCTV, SKY, Bluray player) can be utilised and distributed around an existing coax infrastructure.

Using IR control with a modulator

Some modulators make use of IR passthrough which allows the user to actually control the main HDMI source from the remote TV location. This is achieved via magic eyes and is very easy to get set up (requires IR pass distribution amp).


The DMHD02 is a new revision of the already popular dual-input modulator from Antiference; set to be well received with its big reduction in price, while maintaining the professional build quality. 

As you can see from the diagram above, the modulator is very compact and includes all the inputs/outputs you would expect.

Features include:
  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • 1 single DVB-T mux output
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • USB record/playback for digital signage solutions
  • Front panel or software programming options
  • Compatible with Remotelink IR & PLUS devices (sold separately)
  • Channel name edit
  • Compact design
  • Logical channel number
How to install a modulator

All you need to do is move the existing RF input from your set back amp and insert it into the modulator. You then loop one of the RF outputs back to the set back amp, effectively placing the modulator in-line with the aerial and amp.

Your set back amp will distribute the incoming signal to all of your TV points just like before but now (assuming you have added a HDMI source and configured the modulator) it will carry both your RF signals and HDMI video inputs.

The local coaxial network must be connected to the RF Output to remotely power a digital link.

Additional features of the DMHD02:
  • Combine existing RF with 2x separate modulated HDMI channels
  • The source device can be controlled from another TV location using IR emitter and a digital link (not included)
  • Set up via the front panel and LCD screen or via laptop and USB
  • Save space and money over traditional daisy-chain method
  • Firmware update via USB interface


If you are looking for a HDMI modulator then the Conexer range is a great choice with single, twin and quad input versions available at competitive prices.

Save space, time and money over traditional methods all while maintaining HD quality - no more daisy-chaining modulators together!


If you're interested in this product then feel free to give us a call on 01427 874455 or email