Clear Flow -The Next Generation

Since the release of Clear Flow networking products by Antiference just over a year ago, the brand has gone from strength to strength. From the initial launch, Antiference has continuously looked to develop and add to their range. This began with regular firmware improvements, help guides and support, but soon developed into new products being added to the portfolio. They started with the Core Gateway, which was brought in to help manage larger deployments and provide remote site access where required. Now, today, we will be taking a look at three more entries to the range; the WAP D, AIR 13 and AIR PRO v2.

Introducing the much-anticipated WAP D - this tidy little unit slots perfectly into a standard UK pattress, is PoE powered and provides everything you could need to serve a versatile range of networking devices. It comes with dual-band WiFi connectivity and an RJ45 socket - this allows you to access your network by utilising the range of a 2.4GHz signal, the speed of a 5GHz one or the reliability of a cable. Further to the fantastic connectivity, you are provided with a USB charging point which hints towards this unit's suitability in a hotel or student accommodation. While mainly installed as a single room solution; the WAP D can also work to boost coverage in a given area, to remove dead spots or extended existing coverage. This can even be achieved wirelessly if required; by utilising the 'Repeater' function on any Clear Flow device, you can link to a nearby WiFi signal and rebroadcast it, either under the same SSID or a new one - all you would need in this situation is power.

Next on the list, engineered to fit into the same small housing as the already popular AIR 12, the AIR 13. This device takes everything that was successful about the aforementioned AIR 12 and builds on it. The biggest change is the addition of dual Gigabit ports which allow for the utilisation of high-speed broadband connections (70Mbps+) such as Virgin Fibre. This is key for those looking to access the full potential of their connection when installing only a single access point or when wanting to daisy-chain devices to overcome cabling issues. The next big change is the addition of 3x3 MIMO. In the past, a WiFi access point would serve one client at a time, adding congestion and in turn latency - with MIMO devices; multiple, separate users can connect simultaneously. This reduces the likelihood of waiting in a queue for your data, greatly improving the devices ability to function in a high-density environment. The final change is a 50% increase in the bandwidth of the 2.4Ghz radio, from 300Mbps up to 450Mbps. This may not seem like much, but the 2.4Ghz band is much better for penetrating through walls and is by far the most widely supported frequency. This means that, at this time, many more devices will use the 2.4GHz channel over the 5GHz, and so more bandwidth translates to more possible connections.

Last but certainly not least, the brand new AIR PRO v2 - as you may notice from the above image, Antiference has completely redesigned the AIR PRO from the ground up. The most obvious change being the sleek new case design, this really gives the access point a premium look and feel which suits any deployment. Further to the aesthetic appeal, the new shell also improves functionality by moving the internal antennas to the corners, out of the way of other components. This greatly improves interference reduction and receiving sensitivity, meaning that clients with a weak signal can be more easily located and served. There have been further changes under the hood, with a move toward Wave 2 4x4 MIMO being the standout improvement. This allows up to 4 downstream clients to be served simultaneously, vastly improving performance in high-density environments - much like in the AIR 13. The AIR PRO v2 has also had its bandwidth improved, a 35% increase on its 5GHz radio to be precise - this is quite substantial and bumps the total up to an impressive 2200Mbps. Finally, the addition of a second Gigabit Ethernet port to allow for daisy chaining rounds this off as Clear Flow's most powerful, most versatile device to date.