Dahua Training Workshops @ Mast Digital – Every other Thursday!

In co-operation with Dahua UK & Ireland -

We have begun offering workshop training sessions tailored specifically for our customers.

+ Our first session (Thursday, 3rd June 2021)

Each session gives installers the opportunity not only to interact hands-on with products in our Training Room but also enquire face-to-face with the manufacturer:

 - The strictly no PowerPoint approach!

Installers can register their interest for specific modules on a range of topics & products to gain confidence in all areas of Dahua’s portfolio.


• Each Session includes four modules on any scheduled Thursday.

• Attendees register their interest in modules using the form below.

• Modules are expected to last up to half an hour.

• The full session expected to last no longer than three hours.

Once your form has been received, a Mast Digital staff member will contact you with a confirmation of the date, time and modules being covered.

** Registering does not mean that you are booked into the next session – to accommodate for selected modules, you may be added to a session further down the line. We aim to contact you to ASAP after receiving your submission.

View all available modules & register your interest: HERE

Our first workshop was held last week - Thursday, 3rd June 2021 – with the following attendees:

• Steve & Tony from Max Technologies
    CCTV, Alarms, IRS & AV Installation Company

• James of FutureView
    CCTV, Aerial, Satellite & AV Installation Company

The guys sat in with Dahua Engineer, Mark Ogden and covered:

Domestic CVI, Domestic IP, TiOC & PTZ modules.

This saw them configuring many different cost-effective units for a variety of price points and common applications whilst our attendees presented their own scenarios & dilemmas. Including the effect of resolution, analytical abilities of CVI systems, how specific XVRs can enabled certain features and the full value proposition of IP TiOCs.

Whilst we aim to keep the sessions as short as possible to fit our customers’ busy schedules, we are happy to report that this session overran slightly due to the amount enquiries the guys had for Dahua, they got as much as what they put in – the joy of these sessions!

Although our first session tackled the domestic side, by clicking on the link to the form, you will see that these sessions can go into the more niche and vertical markets including Thermal, Turnstiles, Commercial Displays, Rapid Deployment etc.

These sessions are PERFECT for installation companies who are yet to try high-value solutions from Dahua but are keen to develop their business portfolio. It is in our best interest to provide yourself with all the tools necessary to feel capable to sell & install the equipment with confidence.

Interested in joining us for a session? Click the link here: Here