Integrating Dahua cameras with your AJAX alarm system

In this week's blog, we'll be quickly covering:


Benefits & suitable applications

Equipment you'll need

Powering & wiring the Relay

Configuring the Relay

With enquiries & interest soaring in the two brands recently, this week we have added a new TiOC 2.0 Turret from Dahua to our AJAX system.

Benefits & Suitable Applications

Making use of the AJAX Relay, you're able to arm & disarm the whole system from one place. For example, alongside your preset arming rules (eg. overnight), your user is able to leave their home or commercial property and manually arm through the AJAX app secure in knowing that:

Their AJAX PIR detectors are armed & ready to raise the alarm & send a notification for any internal intrusions

Their Dahua NVR is armed the same in case their external cameras detect humans or cross their Intrusion Boxes

Alongside full, 24/7 remote access to Live View their camera feeds & check the status of all AJAX devices through the AJAX app

Equipment Needed & What We Used


Dahua Recorder (DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E)

• AJAX Dry Contact (AJAX-RELAY)

• 12V DC Power Supply (PSU-12VDC-IL-3.5A)

Alarm receiving firmware on the recorder (Contact

• 4-Core Power & Signal Cable (CAB-100M-8723BA-LSZH-GREY)

• Female DC Connector (CON-DC-FEMALE-10)

Note: for this demonstration we utilise the alarm inputs of a Dahua recorder. However, on specific camera models, such as the TiOC 2.0 range, you can utilise the Alarm Input 1 function to separate individual zones for arming & disarming.

Powering & Wiring the Relay

First, we wired the red and black into the relay for power. The red cable ran to the positive while black ran to negative. On the other end run these into the Female DC connecter which the power supply will connect to later.

Once that was complete, we connected the white and green cables to the alarm output of the AJAX relay, and at the other end these cables were connected to the connections labelled Alarm input 1 and Ground of the NVR. Now this has been completely wired place the screw terminal into alarm in port.

Configuring the Relay

From the Ajax App add the Relay and configure it so that when arming the Relay switches on. When disarming it switches off as displayed above.

Please note that AJAX's arm/disarm options work in reverse to Dahua. There are 3 ways to make this work:

You can either set the Ajax relay as a NC switching device, while the NVR is set to recognise it as NO.

You  set the Ajax relay as a NO switching device, while the NVR is set to recognise it as NC.

Or you can leave both matched up and change the configuration of the relay to switch off, when arming the AJAX and switch on when disarming the AJAX.

Now to add the Dahua recorder - this part is simple. Click Add Device-Add Camera-Select Dahua-Give it a name-Scan the barcode or enter the serial number. Once you have done that, assign it to a room and enter your Dahua Username and Password.

When that’s complete it’s time to configure the system within the Dahua recorder. Go down to Alarm-out Port. For Alarm-In Port 1 set to enable and make sure the mode selected is Arm/Disarm. Remember to set a rule for the camera to trigger.

You will have a 5 second anti dither between the system setting and unsetting so make sure to keep an eye out for the bell in top corner going from white to red.