Introducing Dahua's TiOC 2.0... What's new?

In this week's blog, we'll be quickly covering:


How TiOC 2.0 compares to TiOC?

Available TiOC 2.0 models from Mast Digital?

Any changes to our existing TiOC listings?

What is TiOC 2.0?

Put simply, TiOC 2.0 adds an IR Illuminator to the key three features that make up the first generation TiOC Range (Three in One Camera).

Allowing for the following scenario:

How TiOC 2.0 Compares to TiOC?

This simple addition addresses the most frequent pitfall for end users with any White Light LED based camera which is the visual pollution emitted from the camera at night. Whilst most end users are content with the idea of the white light serving as a deterrent to potential trespassers at night, some users find it unwelcoming especially in rural applications where the light is on for a longer duration due to the lack of ambient light available which often leads to one of the following queries:

'I don't want the bright light on my house all throughout the night.'

'Can the light only be on when somebody is approaching?'

If the above sounds familiar, TiOC 2.0 has been made specifically with these queries in mind.

Traditional TiOCs require their white light to be enabled in low-light conditions for their AI to accurately identify objects & humans in the image. As displayed above though, TiOC 2.0 utilises its IR to be configured so that once a human is identified or enters a specific area, only then will the White Light LED turn on & flick to a vibrant, Full-Colour image to provide more details on the subject. Such as clothing colour, hair colour etc.

TiOC 2.0 also builds upon its predecessors with features such as VoiceCatcher AI to reduce noise & increase audible distance, Optical Path Technology for brighter & clearer black & white images, enhanced 4K real-time fps along with improvements to AI features. All of which are detailed in full on Dahua’s site here:

TiOC 2.0 Models Available from Mast Digital:

The range is currently exclusive to IP and in 5MP & 8MP variants including the following models:

Please note some models are currently out of stock. If out of stock, check back again later or contact your Account Manager for ETAs.

5MP TiOC 2.0 Turrets
5MP TiOC 2.0 Bullets
TiOC 2.0 PTZs

Any Changes to Our Current TiOC (First Generation) Listings?

No! All models mentioned above along with all previously existing TiOCs are & will continue to be available from Mast Digital. You can check them out online by viewing our TiOC category.

Alternatively, are all avaible in our latest Security Price List. Request yours here!