Introducing Hikvision ColorVu Turbo HD Cameras!

New Product: The new Hikvision ColorVu Turbo HD series of cameras deliver HD, full-colour video in extremely low light conditions! ColorVu cameras use supplemental visible light as opposed to Infrared to produce colour-accurate, clear images, and the results speak for themselves, we have conducted a quick test in our Warehouse at night and we were really impressed! The light has a range of up to 20meters which may not live up to the distances that IR can provide, but when used in conjunction with traditional IR cameras on a small syetm we can see these full-colour cameras proving to be very popular.

Color-Vu cameras are equipped with warm supplemental light, so when there is no light source whatsoever – even starlight or street lights – the company guarantees colourful imaging. This feature provides environmentally friendly, soft, warm lighting, reducing any harsh discolouration of the object being illuminated.

As a result, Hikvision Color-Vu cameras provide bright colour video images in low illumination conditions. They excel at capturing vivid images in a wide variety of scenarios, particulalry important everywhere colour information is relevant.

Below is an image taken in our warehouse with an iPhone camera, and no light sources - as expected, it's almost impossible to make anything out and the image is filled with noise:

Now, an image taken with the same iphone camera and the ColorVU camera powered up with it's supplemntal light active. Better, but still very noisy and anything beyond a few metres loses clarity rapidly. The light from the camera would give the naked eye enough light to make their way around, but it is obviously still very dark.

Finally, this image is taken from the hik-connect app while viewing the ColorVu DS-2CE72DFT-F, with its light active. Practically no noise, colours are clearly visible and we can see all the way to the back of the warehouse:

<EDIT - Stew Bloomfield>

Without sounding too much like Victor Kiam and the Remington shaver company, I liked this camera so much that I bought one.

I have installed it over the front door which I consider to be an area of importance and even in the early hours of the morning the night time image is impressive once it's own supplemntal white light turns on. Also as a side benefit, the white light means that insects do not cause so much motion based recording like the traditional IR night vision does making it easier to look back through the night's recordings for any events.

I imagine that if this technology proves to be as popular as I think it will, then get set to see many more cameras with this kind of feature.