Introducing Netvio: The latest range in HDMI signal distribution!

This blog will cover everything you need to know, including:


The Full Netvio Product Range

Why We Chose Netvio

Brand New HDBaseT Cable to Suit

Introducing Netvio HDMI

As of today, all 25 models of Netvio’s HDMI catalogue + AV over IP once launched will be available at Mast Digital. Both the Matrix & AV over IP Range (coming soon) make use of their free Netvio 360 (integrator for Mac / Desktop) & Netvio GO (end-user for iOS / Android) software to create an all-in-one integrated video & audio solution.

These ultimately allow the end user all kinds of eye-catching features such as:

  • Selecting sources such as SkyQ, Consoles etc. in full source quality all through their phone or tablet (no more remotes)
  • Restricting control of sources from specific zones (eg. children’s bedroom)
  • Turn volume up & down of TVs and music in & around the house

Phil Gibbs, Sales Director for Netvio commented on the launch:

"We are delighted to be partnering with Mast Digital here in the UK. Netvio is a company aiming to redefine the Video Product category with innovative AV Hardware & Software solutions.

Stuart, Martin & the team at Mast have built an enviable business offering first class support and training to their loyal customer base.

We believe with their dedication, expertise and enthusiasm, Netvio have the best partner to work within the CCTV, Network, Aerial & Satellite Industries.

We look forward to working with the Mast team and their customers."

Our Managing Director, Stuart Smedley, responded:

"At the price point, quality and ease of use that the range provides, we see a perfect opportunity for our customers to expand their businesses and offer value-packed HDMI video distribution to their traditional security packages through integrating their XVR / NVR feeds with whole-home or office AV control."

"... it's fantastic to see a manufacturer so passionate about their product and willing to offer the support so readily - the exact same values we pride ourselves with at Mast."

Product Ranges Available

Netvio’s mantra is Simplifying Complexity which was quickly demonstrated to us in our training sessions when just 5 extenders, 4 matrices & 2 splitters came out of their bag of tricks.

Their Technical Director James Meredith explained the calculated differences in each model’s spec with each scenario & user in mind at each level so do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team with your requirements.

For example, their mid-range matrices feature varying 40-70M extension ranges to save costs whilst also offering the option to travel the extra distance should just one zone require the 70M range. It’s decisions like these that have been decided based upon decades of joint experience within the industry and becoming familiar with all kinds of domestic to commercial requirements.

We now hold stock on the entire range and those 25 models are broken down as followed:


HDMI Extenders (5) 1080P up to 4K HDR 70M + ARC & IR

HDMI Splitters (2) 1x2 or 1x4 Auto-Scaling

HDMI & HDBaseT Matrices (4) 4x4, 8x6+2, 8x8 + ARC & Auto-Scaling

HDMI Receivers (3) 4K 40M or 4K 70M + ARC & IR

AV over IP (4) Encoders, Decoders & Controllers ** Coming Soon

Active Fibre HDMI Cables 4K or 8K

Full Warranty up to 10 Years

Of all the products listed above, each include a 3-year warranty just as you would expect. However, this warranty can be extended immediately up to 5-years by registering your product(s) online. This can be done here: SafeGuard Product Register.

Whilst those first five years are completely free, Netvio offer an industry-leading 10-year ‘Lifetime’ product coverage for an additional 10%. This sum can easily be worked into your maintenance & service charges allowing you to comfortably offer your customers that added peace of mind.

Support from the Manufacturer

Do you have a project with particularly specific requirements?

Concerned about compatibility with existing smart-home equipment?

Our entire team has had hands-on this equipment and are confident in speccing systems to your requirements, however, the team at Netvio are more than happy to get involved and jumping on a Teams meeting to run through the job whilst are also available visit larger sites to really help seal the deal.

Simply contact your Account Manager who will be able to help whichever way suits.

No Training Required

Unlike some other HDMI & Smart Home manufacturers on the market, Netvio’s software & equipment take a modern approach with drag & drop configurations, automatic scanning & discovery all combining to create an intuitive interface that doesn’t REQUIRE training.

However, as mentioned above, us & Netvio can support you on your first system to ensure everything goes smoothly.

2 More Brands...

Alongside the introduction of Netvio, we’re also pleased to announce that we now hold stock of certified cable from SCP & crimping tools + connectors from Simply45.

In alignment with our one-stop-shop approach, we feel that these brands complement the Netvio range immensely with HDBaseT certification to support the large data requirements of Ultra High Quality HDMI distribution. A choice we feel adds significant value for our customers who can not only have utmost confidence in their equipment but also the choice to complete their order & requirements all through one vendor equalling:

One order, one transaction and one delivery.

Introducing SCP

Brought in specifically to support the ethernet requirements of Ultra Quality video signals, we are also proud to now be stocking SCP HDBaseT boxed cable including CAT6, CAT6A + LSZH Speaker Cable.

View the whole range here: SCP Range

Introducing Simply45

Plus the cherry on top, brought to you by Go Simply Connect, Simply45 push-through crimping tools & connectors.

Push-through connectors are designed to make your life easier by cutting & crimping your cable’s cores simultaneously. S45 plugs feature 3-prong, full 24ct gold pins to ensure their performance in applications such as high-data HDMI distribution.

They also come in a variety of colours & boots to both match your company’s branding & aesthetic.

View the entire range here: Simply45 Range

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