Mast Digital - The Complete Solution

Many customers aren't aware that we offer such a vast range of products across so many industries - further to this we provide bespoke advice and specification services.
Mast Digital are renowned for our knowledge and technical support so why not make use of this and get us to help spec your projects?

Below I will list, with a little bit of detail, each area we are happy to assist you with:

CCTV System
The most obvious choice when dealing with a CCTV distributor but you would be surprised how many suppliers are either not happy to or are unable to aid with the large scale projects.

The number of potential issues can multiply rapidly as you increase the size of a system so it's always good to get a second opinion and work with us in these cases.
Our technical team look at projects day in day out and are more than happy to help you the whole way through from first conception to final fix and beyond.

If we have had a hand in the specification then it also improves our ability to technically support should you have any issues with the site in the future.

Below you will find an example system which is utilising our specialist WiFi links to add remote cameras back to a recorder:

Data cabling / WiFi

Another area we regularly get enquiries about is Networking, specifically Data backbones and WiFi systems. 

We have access to a large range of networking equipment and can usually supply you with everything you need from the Router to the cable to the RJ45 wallplates.
As well as our attractive portfolio which allows you to order everything in one place, we are also more than happy to work through upcoming projects and recommend equipment.

We would usually require schematics and knowledge of the property but can also give rough estimations on the equipment that would be required.

Below you will see an example where we have covered a large farm in WiFi while also providing a wired connection in every out-building:


Intercoms / Door Access

Intercom systems are almost always a bespoke installation with each job usually requiring some fine-tuning to reach the desired specification.

While your basic intercom may only need a few pieces of kit, it can be a bit of a minefield when trying to ensure that all equipment is compatible and as expected.
For example; a standard system would comprise of an external station, internal station and some form of linking the two.
Now, this sounds simple enough but what about power? cable distance? surface/flush mount? wall/desk mount? do they need keyfobs? a keypad?
There's often much that can get overlooked and as we all know, there's nothing worse than making a mistake to a customer.

For this reason, we advise customers to run through any upcoming intercom job with our team as we will be able to guide you to the correct system the first time.

Below you will find a simple example of an intercom system for 4 houses on a shared plot:

TV distribution / IRS / Fibre IRS

One of our strongest areas in terms of project support, TV distribution / IRS systems often require a lot of careful planning and consideration to get right first time (or at all for that matter!).

For this industry we have created a design request form which is completed logically step-by-step - it guides you through what information is required before allowing you to attach any diagrams etc.
After you've included all the info you have on the job then you can submit the form which will be received by one of our IRS specialists who will be in touch with your bespoke quotation.
Further to this, we provide full system schematics with signal levels and our assurance that the equipment you receive is compatible but most of all capable of performing the job at hand.

We spec all types of TV distribution including but not exclusive to MATV, Conventional IRS, Fibre IRS and IPTV.

Below you will find a small IRS system schematic which will allow for 8 apartments to view SKYQ/SKY+/UHF/VHF in every living room plus a bedroom per flat to view digital TV:


As well as helping to spec projects, we are more than happy to recommend products based on the job at hand. Below I will list further areas we can assist you with:

Audio Visual 
One industry we are perhaps less known for is Audio Visual. Many customers simply aren't aware that we have access to a range of quality Audio Visual equipment.
From speakers to starlight panels to TV mounting and everything in-between, we deal with a number of manufacturers so we should be able to help you out across a selection of budgets.

Modulators / Matrices
Following on from the Home AV; if you're looking to distribute an HDMI signal around a property to multiple TVs / monitors then you are probably in the market for a Modulator or a Matrix.

Modulators allow you to utilise your existing coax infrastructure to distribute an HDMI signal around the house by adding an additional channel to your Freeview which can be viewed on any device with a digital tuner.

Matrices are a more advanced alternative which allows remote control and the ability to provide access to every input at all of the outputs.
Matrices often use PoE Ethernet baluns with an HDMI output to provide complete viewing and control to viewing platforms over long distances.
So for example; with a 4x4 matrix (4 input, 4 output) you could have a SKY box, CCTV system, Bluray player and Games console all connected with every input available at 4 different points.

If you require one of the above systems then let us know the specification and we'd be happy to recommend the right product for the job.

Tannoy systems
Yet another area we can provide equipment for would be tannoy systems. Ideal for schools, care homes or anywhere else requiring zonal audio distribution.
Our usual brand is TOA as we have found these to be of excellent quality while remaining at a reasonable price.

Mast Digital can help you with the supply of alarm systems and accessories as we have access to Pyronix and Texecom systems in both wired and wireless variations.


I hope that you found this overview informative and found something we may be able to help you with that you were previously not aware of!

Over the next few weeks/months we will go into much greater details on the individual areas covered above and how exactly you can help us when it comes to providing the information.
We hope to showcase all the ways you can improve your existing installs by providing additional services that the competition simply are not. 

So be sure to keep an eye out for the first chapter of our bespoke service blogs which will be coming soon!*