Mast Digital – Working with you to improve your professional knowledge

This week our customers completed yet another official Hikvision training session hosted by Mast Digital. The image above shows the Manchester office where it was held, as you can see it's quite an impressive location to do some learning! 

For those who aren't aware, we organise regular training sessions across a number of our Industries. From official manufacturer training like Hikvision's this week, to smaller, bespoke in house sessions presented by our own tech team.

Feel comfortable with Analogue CCTV but still unsure about IP? We're here to help.
Never fitted a WiFi access point but get asked about them all the time? Speak to us; we can help.
Done a lot with TV distribution but never touched Fibre? We can help you add fibre to your arsenal.


Manufacturer training sessions include; Hikvision, Triax, Whyte, GJD, Global Invacom, Televes, AES Global, Pyronix and Antiference with more planned for next year.

These usually last a day or more and allow for a large number of installers to get all the required knowledge before getting hands-on. This lets you learn the recommended way of using a particular set of products before trying it out for yourself under the trainer's guidance.

Usually, demo equipment and other resources are provided for you as well so you can get a proper understanding and feel for the kit.

Occasionally manufacturer training will be hosted from our unit in Epworth, Doncaster. These are usually for a smaller number of guys and offer a more personalised approach, allowing everybody to answer questions and get more out of the trainer on the day.


In-house training; our dedicated technical team also host training sessions out of our unit. These sessions are more bespoke and can be tailored to suit individual customer needs.
To name a few previous examples; Introduction to Hikvision, Wireless links, Introduction to Clear Flow and System planning.

In-house training is something that's available several times a year and can cover any number of areas.

Sometimes we will arrange a training session for a certain topic when we feel that it would be useful for our customers. This kind of training often covers new, exciting areas the industry is moving into or aims to help solve a common issue we find that our customers seem to keep having.

These sessions are usually first come first serve so everyone gets the opportunity to attend.

Another way we structure our in-house training is more bespoke in nature. If a company approaches us stating that they feel they need to be stronger in a particular area(s) then we can look at putting something together to help.

This could be anything from the very specific such as 'Hikvision PTZ setup', to more broad, introductory sessions such as 'Wireless network site surveying'.


For larger customers who have a number of employees that need training, it sometimes makes sense for us to come to you or to arrange a location such as a hotel or a conference centre.

These kinds of training sessions require a decent number of people to qualify but can be massively beneficial as it will be tailored to suit your needs.

For example; we recently completed a Clear Flow Wireless bridge training day for one of our customers at a Hotel in Leeds. As they are a security company, it also covered how the Clear Flow works with CCTV. Showing how exactly the two products integrate and the limitations when using them together.



The aim of this blog is to highlight some of the opportunities you have available as a Mast Digital customer. As is with everything we do at Mast, the reason we hold training sessions is to help you improve your business and maximise any opportunities you are presented with.

It is for this same reason that we are currently expanding our office space by a considerable amount! The construction work has already begun on what will become a dedicated training room and a larger meeting room.

This will provide us with the opportunity to host training sessions much more regularly with a wider variety of content and audience. We expect all the building works to be completed early 2020, so watch this space as we look to help you expand your knowledge into and beyond the New Year!