New Product Range - Noctis Pro

Noctis Pro CCTV Products

Regular vistors to our website may have noticed a new addition to our product offerings in the form of a new IP CCTV brand.

This new brand is 'Noctis Pro' and is intended for use by trade professionals that are looking for a well-built, feature rich, easy to use and price protected product. This is a brand that has impressed us immediately, straight from taking the product from the packaging with it's easily identifiable brand colours and logo.

The Noctis Pro range that we are stocking will start off with products that are the most popular among our customersand I will highlight some of these in the blog. Even something as simple as the model numbers will make sense to anybody regularly buying the Noctis Products, an exmaple breakdown can be seen below:

Noctis Pro offer the popular camera styles including Turrets, Anti Vandal Domes, Mini Domes, Bullets and PTZs. Many camera models are available in black or white with mounting options to suit.
Based on our previous experience we have found low-light technology to be a great feature and the Noctis Pro 5MP cameras include their Starlight technology to allow colour images at light levels as low as 0.005 (and even 0.0005 for the Vari-Focal Bullet!).
There are some really nice additional features to point out such as the Turret cameras with built-in-microphones and metal housings, and there is a mini bullet with built-in-microphone and Alarm input /output connections (making an ideal pairing for a mini PIR detector).

The NVR interface is well laid out and intuitive (especially when you have installed CCTV before), with a simple to use menu system and shortcuts for main functions such as playback and screen layouts. It is obvious enough where everything needs to be connected and cameras work in plug-and-play mode when they are connected directly to the NVR. Likewise the 'Noctis View' mobile app is simple to use and gives great control over the systems various notification types (including Motion, Intrusion, Line Crossing, Audio Detect, Face Detect). Adding a device to your Noctis View app is simple via a QR code and can literally be set-up within minutes of first plugging in the NVR. Even PTZ cameras can be easily controlled by dragging across the image on the app.

Installers will be happy to know that the 'Noctis Tools' windows program is excellent for finding devices on a network, configuring cameras, updating firmware and even has a built in disk calculator.

I mentioned firmware upgrades, and this can be a bit of a mine-field when it comes to some products and keeping them up-to date. Not with Noctis Pro products, there are numerous ways to update a system, whether it is the NVR that requires and update or the Cameras that are attached to the NVR. Updates can easily be performed by using the cloud function, from Noctis Tools, from the NVR directly or even from the Noctis View app, gone are the days of having to log directly into the camera (although this can be done also).

Alongside the standard CCTV products that you would expect to see are some additional accessories to pair up with your installs, including Network Switches (POE and non-POE), LCD Monitors and a useful IP Test Monitor.

As always Mast Digital like to learn about the products that we sell, allowing us to provide better support and Noctis Pro is no different. Although I have already mentioned how simple to use and set-up the Noctis Pro products are, we also have a Product Guide combined with a Technical Guide which covers the basic procedure for getting a system up and running, adding it to a customers mobile phone and exporting footage etc.  You will automatically receive one of these brochures with your first order of Noctis Pro, but if you would like to receive one through the post then please contact us to pass on your delivery address.

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