The New Look of Hikvision Interfaces.

If you are an installer of IP CCTV then you may well have come across Hikvision NVRs with 'GUI4.0' firmware, but even if you've never ventured further than TurboHD installation you will now start to see this new interface on the newer DVRs. This is quite a big change for people familiar with the long standing Red and Black GUI, even on initial bootup the welcome screen is different with it's new blue graphics.

Some people don't like, or fear change, so this may by an unwelcome update for some, but for those familiar with the web browser layout of the configuration menus then this new GUI should seem like an old friend.

This could be another reason why the new GUI was rolled out onto NVRs before the DVRs (familiarity with the web browser interface).

The new interface has each section represented by a new set of icons along the top of the display, with cameras listed down the left hand side. This makes it simple to swap between live view, playback, and configuration screens.

Instant access to the following menu options is available:

• Live View

• Playback

• File Management

• Smart Analysis

• Camera Management

• Storage Management

• System Management

• System Maintenance

Once you're into the configuration screen you will see how similar this looks to the web browser set-up. Below we can see the familiar 'platform access' page where you would set up Hik-connect for remote viewing.

All of the settings from the older GUI3 are still here even if they are slightly different places. Even with GUI3, different firmware had options in varying positions in the configuration screens and you can expect new options to appear as Hikvision continue with their ever improving development.

There shouldn't be anything within the menus that should confuse you, but if you would like to make yourself more familiar with GUI4 before being in front of a CCTV install, then you can download the GUI4 simulator here (for windows PC) , or view some videos provided by Hikvision here:

Aswell as the new look GUI4, Hikvision have also released a new up to date version of IVMS-4200 (V3.1). We will outline this in the next upcoming blog post.