Why Wi-Tek... + 1 Year Anniversary! #WiTekWednesday

Wi-Tek - 1 Year On!

Why we chose Wi-Tek and why you should too!


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It’s that time of the week again! #Wi-Tek Wednesday.

This time last year, Matt started his Wi-Tek centred Instagram page: Matt Digital. In celebration of this milestone, we thought we would take a different approach and instead of an individual product highlight, cover the entire brand that is Wi-Tek.

Including how the brand can benefit you and your customer along with the added service we, as the sole UK main distributor can offer yourself and your business.


Wireless-Tek Technology Limited based in Shenzhen, China, a region that is primarily known for its high-tech industry. Commonly known as Wi-Tek, they are dedicated in research and application of commercial network communication equipment. With a vast product portfolio that covers:

PoE switches, Wireless Access Points, PTP/PTMP and Fibre solutions

...all with CE, FCC, RoHS certification.

Founded in 2009, Wi-Tek has seen amazing growth both internally and on the global stage with a constantly growing team of professional R&D engineers and global distribution partners, like ourselves at Mast Digital.

Wi-Tek provides high quality, fast, safe, reliable, and easy to maintain network solution equipment designed for use within both SME and residential deployments.



Here at Mast Digital, we are constantly on the lookout for products/services that we believe will benefit you and your business. Unlike other brands which are easily available to the end user, we set out to bring a fresh brand to the UK market, a brand that is for the trade installer only. Enabling you to provide a quality product to your clients that is not only competitively priced but also price protected for you, the installer.

Wi-Tek share this vision of providing the UK trade installer market with a range of quality networking and CCTV product solutions. As a product family tailored for the trade, being the sole main UK distributor Mast and Wi-Tek are committed to protecting your margins by ensuring the product range can’t be purchased online or over the counter by the end user. No longer do you have to worry about your customers searching the products you quote to find pricing, with Wi-Tek this simply isn’t possible.

Since introducing Wi-Tek to the UK market in 2020, with a single product that has become a staple for many installers, the automatic pairing wireless beam WI-CPE513P-KIT, we have been in constant talks with installers, taking feedback and working with Wi-Tek throughout the year to grow the range and provide the right solutions and products.



Wi-Tek's range is constantly growing thanks to our feedback amongst other distributors globally, meaning that as of the date of writing this, we can stock, supply & support the following great equipment. Including the following:

  • Network Switches
  • PoE Switches (10/100Mbps, Gigabit, Outdoor, Fibre, Solar)
  • Point-To-Point (360° Point-To-Multi-Point)
  • Access Points (Cloud Managed, Internal, External, Wi-Fi 6)
  • 4G Solutions (Rapid Deployment)
  • PoE Accessories (Injectors, Converters, Splitters, Extenders)
View our full stock listing & discounted bundles here:

With the rise in working from home due to the pandemic, adequate home WiFi has been increasingly important to the masses, something that previously wasn’t at the front of people’s minds. Along with feedback from installers, over the year we have expanded the wireless access point range to now include the latest generation of WiFi 6 and introduced discounted bundles to give you everything you need to provide a better WiFi solution to your clients. 

It’s not just the home environment that requires Wi-Fi though, and with the Access Point Controllers (WI-AC105P) and configuration guides to assist, setting up a complete solution for both CCTV and networking has never been easier. Add on top the Cloud Management ability, once installed you can remotely resolve most issues that may arise without having to go back to site.

Keep an eye out for Cloud2.0 coming soon, rebuilt from the ground up to give greater control and compatibility with existing devices across the range along with exciting new products and ONVIF device discovery.

It’s not all WiFi though, the Wi-Tek range has options and solutions for many common CCTV site niggles.

Most commonly is the need to reach PoE further than the standard 100m. With a quick flick of the Long Range PoE toggle switch enabling power up to 250m!

Sick of using separate injectors for 24v passive PoE devices? The WI-POE61-24V converts standard 802.3af/at from a PoE switch to 24v passive power. Perfect for wireless links.

Struggling to squeeze switches into an IP enclosure? The WI-PS210G-O / WI-PS310GF-O provide the perfect solution for outdoor or harsh environments requiring PoE connectivity in a self-contained unit.



As the sole main UK distributor it is important to us that you feel confident when using Wi-Tek products, our Technical team is on hand over the phone and via email if you require any support further to the current and continuing guides available. Keep an eye out on our Youtube channel for product howtos and setup guides too!

As Mast continue to grow and refine the product offering from Wi-Tek with the help of installers it’s only right we provide accredited training, this is something we will introduce at the start of 2022. With the popularity of WiTek eqipment ever growing within the industry we expect these training days to fill up quickly, keep an eye out for them and let your account manager know to register your interest early! ...We don’t want you missing out on the freebies now do we?



In the meantime, to ensure you never miss an update or product release, make sure to follow @Matt_MastDigital over on Instagram and/or LinkedIn.

Feel free to drop him a message with any queries and questions you have too!