Wi-Tek 'Get out of Jail Free' PoE Solutions #WiTekWednesday

In this quick blog, we cover all of the lesser known PoE solutions available in the Wi-Tek range, including:

PoE Switches, Splitters & Extenders, Converters & Injectors


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Wi-Tek PoE Solutions


Utilising PoE is not only a great way to reduce cost of installations due to less cabling, but it also enables deployment of devices (IP Cameras, WiFi Access Points, PTP Bridges, IP Phones, Intercoms etc.) in locations where there is no easy access to a mains power socket.

To learn more about PoE itself check out our previous blog post here: PoE Blog

In today’s blog we look at the PoE solutions available within the Wi-Tek range.

PoE Switches
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PoE switches are commonplace in both networking and CCTV installations, providing power and data to the connected device(s). Wi-Tek has you covered with support for 802.3af/at/bt devices up to 60W and even passive 24V devices with the auto-detect Alien switch. In variations from 4 to 24 ports in both 10/100 and gigabit speeds there is a solution for every scenario.

Across the whole range, you'll also find the following features:

Min. 2x Uplink Ports
Perfect for connecting directly to the NVR/XVR and the network router directly, with options of up to 4 combo GB/SFP uplinks.
250m Extend Mode 

Break past the 100m PoE rule with a simple toggle switch.
(Data transmission capped to 10Mbps which is still ample for camera feeds!)

Isolate the PoE ports from each other and only allow traffic to the uplink ports.
PoE Watchdog
Automatically detects unresponsive PDs and restarts the PoE Port.

Splitters / Extenders
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In an ideal world everything would be less than 100m from the switch, in an easy to access location with enough room to run a separate cable to every device. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and for instances where things can get tricky, the below items can not only provide a ‘get out of jail’ solution but also help in fresh installs to reduce cabling costs which is where the following solutions can come in handy:

WI-PE31E - Wi-Tek's Internal Splitter / Extender

A simple device which takes either PoE / DC input and splits it out to 2 PoE outputs, supporting data transmission and PoE up to 250m via CAT5e/6. With no further configuration required, simply plug-and-play for 802.3af/at devices.

The perfect solution to situations where only a single cable is already run, it isn’t possible to run a dedicated second cable and you need two devices at the other end. Ideal for multiple cameras in a similar location.

You can also link up to 4 of these extenders together and achieve over 500 meters of data and power transmission from source. The number of extenders you can daisy chain depends on the injector being used on the first link:

Link 1 Powered by a 90W Injector = 4 Links Max.
(as demonstrated in the diagram)


Link 1 Powered by a 60W Injector (WI-POE55-48V-60W) = 3 Links Max.


Link 1 Powered by a 30W Injector (WI-POE31-48V) = 2 Links Max.

These are also compatible with 3rd party brands which require 24v Passive PoE Input that use pairs (4, 5 +) & (7, 8 -). For example when powering Ubiquiti NanoStation (Loco5AC) where you would normally need their PoE adapter (INS-3AF-I-G).

WI-POE21E-O - Wi-Tek's External Splitter / Extender

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The IP68 & IK10 rated full metal housing makes the WI-POE31E perfect for powering devices in the harshest of conditions.

Powered from a 60w 802.3bt source (Injector or PoE Switch) and splitting it out to 2x 802.3at 30W ports, restarting the 100m rule at the same time, effectively giving you up to 200m long range transmit from source.

The 2x 30W connections are perfect for powering PTZ models and IPCs and with full gigabit ports it’s capable of driving outdoor Wi-Fi access points and IP CCTV simultaneously.

WI-POE61-24V - Wi-Tek's 48V to 24V Converter


Many installations that cover multiple buildings / areas utilise wireless bridge links to connect devices back to the main network. Many of these links are powered by 24V passive PoE devices and must be powered from the provided injector as they aren’t 48V 802.3af/at devices.

This is where the WI-POE61-24V comes in. Connected to a 48V 802.3af/at or 36-60V DC power source, it converts the PoE to passive 24V, enabling the wireless link (or other 24V passive device up to 24W) to be utilised without the need for its own injector / separate power source.

Perfect for locations where there are limited power outlets as you only need the single power socket for the PoE switch.

Wi-Tek's 30W & 60W PoE Injectors


Perfect for singular standalone devices or where you only have a network switch for data connectivity but require power to a device, injectors enable you to ‘inject’ power into the cable to the device up to 100m away, ideal where there isn’t any local DC power available. 

Available in both 30W (WI-POE31-48V) and 60W (WI-POE55-48V-60W) variations for 802.3af/at/bt compliant devices.