Triax HDMI to COFDM Modulator MOD103T

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Watch and control HD content at each TV location with The TRIAX HDMI to COFDM Modulator (MOD103T)

It features a HDMI input with loop through for a local TV and two coaxial outputs which are combined with the RF input. The HDMI input can be supplied from a number of sources including Satellite Set Top Box, Blu Ray Player, Games Console and CCTV.

  • HDMI loop through for connection to the local TV
  • Combine existing RF with the modulated output channel on RF Out 1 and RF Out 2
  • Adjustable level control to balance the COFDM channel with the incoming RF channels (1dB steps)
  • Source Set Top Box can be controlled from another TV location (via the IR remote control over the coaxial cable) using an IR transmitter and a digital link (included)
  • The coaxial network must be connected to the RF Out 2, with the 9VDC able to pass through the network, to remotely power the digital link
  • Set up via the front panel and LCD screen 
  • Firmware update via USB interface

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