1M X 150MM Polycarbonate Bird Spikes ( 3 x 33cm)

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1m x150mm Polycarbonate PIGEON SPIKES

Also for use on TV Aerials due to being 100% polycarbonate these spikes will not cause any interference problems.

Manufactured in the UK.
UV stabilised transparent polycarbonate spikessuitable for Feral Pigeons & Doves
Protects areas between 150mm and 215mm wide
Rivet holes built-in to the base for glueing or screwing
Dimensions 112mm high x 150mm wide between outer tips. Base width 42mm
Manufactured in 33cm long strips, sold per linear metre, 3 x 33cm strips per metre

The bases are UV light-protected polycarbonate, with breakable sections. Each 33cm strip contains 10 x V-shaped spikes which can each be snapped-off, using in-built snap-off points, to make individual spikes or to tailor a strip section to a specific size. The spikes are moulded into the base for improved durability.

Height of spikes 112mm. Width between outer tips 150mm
Maximum gap between outer spike tips of parallel rows 100mm
Each metre consists of 3 x 33cm sections

Where To Use:
Ledges, parapets, ridge tiles, girders, chimney pots/cowls, gutters, signs, window sills

Bird Species:
All types of pigeons and doves

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