SkyHawk Rescue Services

Protect Your Surveillance Footage with Seagates FREE Data Recovery Service! 

When data can no longer be accessed in its usual way, it’s time to bring in a recovery expert. Seagate’s Rescue data recovery service is FREE for all Skyhawk drives over 2TB available from Mast Digital.

Usually, most data loss cases are caused by the following reasons. Physical damage such as water damage, overheating and power surges. The other is logical damage such as system corruption, virus attacks and accidental deletion. In all scenarios, the objective is the same — copy all files stored within the damaged device to a new, accessible device or restore the original device to working order.

That is where the Seagate comes in – Skyhawk HDDs over are covered by their Rescue Data Service, and the best part is that for drives over 2TB, its totally free and wont cost you anything.

To claim, simply contact Seagates customer support on the number below with the details of your data loss, Seagate will then send you a pre-paid shipping label, so you can send your damaged drive to the lab. It typically takes up to 15 business days to recover your data and upon a successful recovery whereby the data is returned on encrypted storage, along with a replacement drive. 


  • Fast & secure data recovery process 
  • Recovered data is encrypted and returned
  • Shipping costs included
  • Peace of mind data preservation and data protection
  • Free on 2TB Drives and above


Also Available

Free Skyhawk HDD Installations with all XVR / NVR purchases

As a committed value-added distributor, one of the ways we make our customers' lives easier is through our various pre-configuration services. Mast was one of the earliest adopters of HDD pre-configurations back as early as 2015.

If ordered before 4PM, our warehouse operators will install & initialise any HDDs purchased with recorders, as well as apply the latest firmware to the recorder.