Netvio IP-JP4-TX-10 4K HDR Encoder

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- Supports 4K/60 HDR using Cat5e/6 with 40m & 70m output support. If bandwidth exceeds HDBaseT 10.2Gbps limits, then light compression is added.

HQ Preview
- Supports 1080p real time preview streams. HQ previews are available in the latest Netvio GO end-user app.

Low Latency
- The JP4 series meets low latency (1-frame) expectations even for the most demanding applications where little perceptible differences between user interaction & real-time screen content is required.

- Onboard scaling seamlessly integrates the latest 4K/60 HDR displays with older legacy 2K equipment.

Audio & Video
Encoding Data Rate

- HDMI Input: Max 17.82Gb/s
- LAN Output: Max 850Mb/s
- Preview Output: Max: 20.48Mb/s + 2048Kb/s
- USB Throughput: Max ~60Mb/s

Max Video Transmission

- HDMI 3840x2160 60fps 8b 4:4:4
- IP Preview Main Output: 1920x10802 30fps
- IP Preview Sub Output: 960x5802 30fps

- HDMI 2.0 compatible

Max Pixel Clock

- 300MHz / 300Mcsc

HDR Compatibility
- HDR10, HDR10+, Hybrid Log-Gamma, Dolby Vision

Scaler Function

- 4K to 2K 8b
- Modes include, pass-through (no scaling), Fixed 4K → 2K, Automatic


- Inclusive up to 2.2



- Layer 2 or 3 managed PoE switches recommended.


- 1x IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Ethernet interface via “RJ45” socket.
- Local discovery and API console via Netvio 360 & Netvio Go APP,
- 3rd-party integration via public API


- Separate multicast group IPs for audio, video, infrared, serial, CEC, USB.
- Link manager via single multicast group IP from query device - response via unicast.
- Default API channel via unicast, secured using SSH protocol.
- Preview, Unicast RTSP protocol for media management of audio/video.

End to End Latency

- HDMI: (HDMI passthrough) zero frames.
- HDMI path using compatible decoder = 1 video frame.
- HDMI path using compatible decoder with scaling = 2 video frames
- Preview: ~1s (varies, no fixed clock) + decoder latency


- Encoder, decoder communications secured by SSH encryption.
- Controller to LAN connectivity using WSS.
- Internal & external browsers secured by HTTPS & TLS, including custom certificates.


- Supports KVM mode for multiple USB devices (decoder) to USB host (encoder) data routing, device emulation and data contention mitigation.


- Supports serial generation and reception. Also supports serial routing from encoder --> decoder(s) and decoder --> encoder(s).


- Supports Infrared generation and reception. Also supports IR routing from encoder --> decoder(s) and decoder --> encoder(s).

Drivers & Control

- Drivers available for control systems including C4, Crestron, RTi & Elan.
- Discovery, configure, optimise, design via Netvio 360 utility.
- Full spectrum AV control via FREE Netvio application for Apple & Android devices.

FREE Software & Control

- Netvio 360 utility - discovery, configure, optimise, design, control
- Netvio GO - Full spectrum AV control
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