About us

Multi brand distributors to the trade since 1999 and for a wide range of products. Constantly striving to improve our service, Mast Digital UK is a fast-growing family run business, passionate towards offering great service and support with an advanced product portfolio across CCTV, AV, Network, Aerial & Satellite related industries.

Supplier relationships and increased stock holding allow us to offer some of the most well-known brands available to the industry, always looking forward and expanding/ developing our product profile with the latest technology and industry trends.

Competitive pricing and reliable service and support have given us a solid reputation within the industries served. Mast offer more than just selling boxes, we believe a more tailored approach to business ensures that customers’ expectations are met, and high service levels are proven.

Recent investment in to building developments at our offices have allowed us to increase our staff capacity while also adding a dedicated room for future training along with a newly installed CCTV innovation wall which showcases the latest in CCTV technology.

* Authorised UK Distributor for Dahua Technology *