Special Orders

Special Order Items

High Value & Project Solutions

Every product on our site will fall into one of the following categories:

  • IN STOCK - This item is on the shelf ready to be purchased & dispatched via next-day delivery.
  • OUT OF STOCK - This is an item we typically hold stock of but has sold out before our next stock delivery has arrived.
  • SPECIAL ORDER - This item is available for us to order on demand with a lead time

A product falls into the Special Order category simply when it isn't feasible for us to hold stock of. This can be due to any number of reasons such as the product having limited demand, its value, how much storage space it requires and of course if the item is manufactured on demand (which is the case for many of Dahua's project-supported products such as anti-corrosion & explosion-proof cameras).

Below are some common examples of Special Order products. You can request special order stock here: Special Order Request Form.

High Value, Specialist & Project-Based Products

A lot of specialist cameras from Dahua will be special order simply due to their value and depending on the item. If the product is available from the UK, which is the case for high-end PTZs, Hubbles, large NVRs, lead times will typically be between 2-5 days.

Items that are manufactured on demand or are only available in China, such as anti-corrosion & anti-explosion units and can take upward of 6 weeks to deliver via sea shipment. 

Heavy, Large & Unwieldy Items

We often hold limited levels of stock of large products such as AV Racks simply due to their size and space required in our warehouse so less common sizes are typically special order. These would be shipped on pallets and may even be sent directly to yourself from the manufacturer to save time & costs.

Customisable Products & Parts

Several manufacturers feature products that can be customised by the installer. The Ajax BrandPlates are an example of this whereby the cover of the StreetSiren (bellbox) can have the logo of installation companies printed onto the covers as part of a batch. These covers of course must first be manufacturered before they are sent to us and each have varying lead times.