Marketing Materials

All designed in-house

Allow our content to be an extension of your own marketing efforts by taking advantage of our publications 'designed for end users' which can accompany your installs either at the point of sale or in your aftercare by providing step-by-step instructions intended solely for end users. 

Below is a list of all available printed materials available with purchases from Mast Digital:

Mast Digital Technical Guide (64 A4 Page Booklet)

• How-Tos    • FAQs    • Procedures    • Designed for Installers

A must-have for Dahua installers, the Mast Digital Technical Guide covers is packed to the brim with step-by-step instructions & pictures covering a number of topics that crop up day in, day out on our technical lines. Whether it's all the ways to password reset, PTZ tours, or getting the system onto DMSS, this guide has all the essentials covered alongside pages covering additional brands such as GJD, TOA, Seagate & Wi-Tek and their use with Dahua.

Copies available with any purchase, ask your Account Manager at point of sale.

Unbranded Dahua Technical Guide (Double-sided A4 Leaflet)

• How-Tos    • Space for Contact Info    • Designed for End Users

Designed to save you from unneccesary phone calls & enquiries from your customers, our End User Guide covers FAQs for the end-users such as Exporting Footage, Playback Controls, Sharing DMSS with the Family and more. There's even space to leave your contact details so they know exactly who to contact if this doesn't cover it.

Copies included with all Dahua NVR & XVR systems purchased with pre-installed HDDs.

Unbranded Ajax Product Catalogue (28 B5 Page Booklet)

• All Products & Specs    • Space for Contact Info    • Designed for End Users

Our catalogue covers every single Ajax product & kit with part codes, colour variants & specs for ease of ordering alongside real-life applications to help you sell the solutions to your customers. Mast aren't named anywhere in the book (bar the Mast halo) and has space for you to leave your contact information and to schedule maintanence dates allowing you to leave this with your customers so they know exactly who to contact for future expansions.

Copies included with all Ajax Kits purchased

Custom Branded Content

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